Answers, we have them!

  • What is a lease comp?

    A lease comp, or comparable, is a complete record of a lease transaction that has taken place.

    Our comps contain information like tenant name, address, starting rent, square footage, landlord concessions, broker names, and more.

  • How many comps does CompStak have?

    In Manhattan, CompStak covers nearly 100% of all commercial office deals completed in the past three years and over 50% of commercial deals completed in the past 10 years.

    In San Francisco and the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Dallas/Fort Worth, CompStak covers nearly 80% of all commercial deals completed in the past year.

    Our coverage improves daily as professionals from nearly all brokerage and appraisal firms in each market consistently update CompStak with new deals.

  • Can anyone join CompStak?

    CompStak is a free service offered only to professionals in the commercial real estate community like brokers, appraisers, and researchers. Real estate investors may subscribe to CompStak by emailing us at enterprise@compstak.com or calling 646.926.6707.

  • I applied but was never approved? What should I do?

    We approve most requests in 24 hours. Please check your email spam filter. If you still haven't received an email, please contact us: info@compstak.com.

  • Does CompStak give or sell comps to tenants?

    CompStak data is only available to real estate professionals such as brokers, appraisers and researchers who are members of CompStak. Tenants do not receive access to the data.

  • What does CompStak cost?

    Commercial real estate brokers, appraisers, and researchers are eligible for a free membership to CompStak and may simply provide the comps they have to find the comps they need.

    Real estate private equity funds, banks, asset managers, REITs, and hedge funds may pay for access to our data. For more information, please contact enterprise@compstak.com.

  • Can I pay to buy individual comps?

    No. CompStak members provide lease comps to receive other lease comps at no cost. Paid subscribers receive time-based access to the data.

  • How do you ensure comp data quality?
    1. We developed advanced machine learning to test the data we receive.
    2. Every comp submitted is reviewed by a CompStak analyst and then cross-checked with CRE professionals like: the broker that completed the transaction, the landlord of the building where the transaction took place, or a CompStak member from the same firm that completed the deal.
    3. On average, we receive each comp 7 times. Every comp we receive provides an opportunity to validate the information received.
    4. All of our members have the opportunity to flag comps that appear incorrect, comment on issues, and even suggest updates to every field in a comp.
  • What happens if a member intentionally contributes bad data?

    In these cases, the member that submitted that comp will lose points. After multiple offenses, we will suspend the account.

  • When are you coming to my market?

    If you want CompStak to come to your market, let us know: expansion@compstak.com. You may also request access to your market on the signup page.

  • How do I earn points?
    • Adding Comps – If you are the first member to submit a comp that is approved, you will receive full points for that comp. You earn 1 point for each attribute of a lease. Most comps are worth between 12 and 25 points. You are not limited to sending only your own deals, but please do not send anything you're not allowed to share.
    • Updating Comps – If you see a comp that has incorrect or missing information, you may suggest updates or additions to individual comp attributes. You will receive the full points for the comp even if you’re only correcting or updating a handful of data points.
    • Earning Dividends – CompStak members receive a 20% dividend every time a comp they contributed is purchased by another member.
  • How do I add comps?

    To add comps, simply click “Add Comps” at the top of the page. From there you may choose to upload PDFs, spreadsheets, or other documents containing comps, or copy and paste a single comp. You may also email your comps to comps@compstak.com. You can send comps to us in any format, we will take care of the rest.

  • How will I know that you've received my comps?

    After we receive your comps we quickly reply acknowledging the receipt of your submission. Processing your file(s) and crediting your account then takes anywhere from several hours to a day. When the process is complete we send you a second email notifying you that your account was credited.

  • How do I spend my points?

    You may use the points that you’ve earned to purchase the comps you need. Each comp on CompStak is worth a number of points equal to the number of attributes available in the comp.

  • Do I ever lose points?

    If a member submits comps that are later updated by a CompStak analyst they will lose points for those attributes.

  • Can I create comp reports?

    Currently, no. In the future we plan to offer reports, which you may brand with your company logo.

  • How can I view the comps I have purchased or contributed?

    To see all the comps you own, simply click on "My Comps" at the top of the screen.

  • Will other users know who I am when they see a comp I submitted?

    CompStak is completely anonymous. Your name is not attached to the comps you send, and we never disclose the identity of our members without their permission.

  • I need a comp. What can I do?

    Can you send us some comps? We will accept any lease comp you are allowed to share and credit your account. In case you're wondering, we do not sell points/comps.

  • I have four appraisers on my team. Can we share one account?

    With CompStak Team, everyone on your team can share a common pool of purchased and submitted comps, while maintaining individual CompStak accounts. CompStak Team can accommodate anywhere from a small 3 person team to a large 100 person office. If you’d like more info on how to get started, please give us a call – 646.926.6707 or email info@compstak.com.

  • What information is required for a comp?
    • Tenant Name
    • Address
    • Floor
    • Space Type
    • Transaction Size
    • Execution Date
    • Starting Rent
    • Escalations in $ or %
    • Lease Term

    You will receive one point for each of these attributes as well as every comp attribute beyond these required fields.

  • How can I find the specific comps I need before purchasing it?

    You can filter search results and sort by many attributes such as transaction size, date, and space type. Once filtered and sorted, your list of comps will show the address, tenant name, and transaction quarter. The rest of the comp information will only be visible after you purchase the comp.

  • Do I need to purchase comps that I contribute?

    You are automatically provided with access to every comp you submit without having to use points to purchase those comps.

  • Which brokers, appraisers and companies use CompStak?

    CompStak is anonymous, and we do not disclose member names or company affiliations. Our membership typically includes professionals from all brokerage and appraisal firms in each market we cover.

  • Do I have to send you only my own deals?

    Not necessarily! We will accept any lease comp, but please do not send anything you are not allowed to share.

  • What happened to my bonus points?

    Every new user starts with 30 complimentary bonus points to try CompStak. Bonus points expire four weeks after registration.

  • What comps can I submit?

    Members may submit any office, retail or industrial deal that has an active lease. That is, the lease is not expired at the time of submission.